It's Time For Some Super-Dog Halloween Inspiration!

  Now that October is coming to a close and Halloween is fast approaching, some of us are eager to get our dog children decked up in the finest costumes the internet has to offer.   Of course, there are those that are creative and gifted enough to make their own puppy swag, but for those of us who were not blessed with the gift of fitting into the DIY culture, we don’t have much time left to find the coolest getup for our furry little friends.   The inspiration for the following collection of costume ideas comes directly from our beloved fluffy friends. No one quite understands the meaning of the word “hero” as well as your average pet owner.   Your pets always know when you are feeling under the weather, they listen when you need to vent and never pass any judgement or charge you by the hour for sharing. They gently approach you when you are feeling down and shower you with those licks and cuddles you needed more than anything. Most importantly, your pups are always there for you and appreciate you like no other, even if you accidentally step on them.   This year, when Marvel and DC comics continue to dominate the movie industry with sequels and new comic book inspired hits, it’s time you provide your pets with the superhero gear they always deserved. Allow your pooch to reveal their true identity this Halloween, so everyone on the block can see their marvel[ous], heroic personalities!   Your dog is good for so much more than just ‘tricks’, so let the treats poor in this hallows eve and go save the neighborhood with your fuzzy little partner-in-crime!   Here are some of our top super-dog costume picks, just a click away from arriving at your door.  


  Who said the only female superhero worth knowing was Wonder Woman? No one. Move over Gal Gadot, black tutus are back for our little princesses. Look no further than Costume Craze for this adorable Batgirl Tutu Superhero Costume now on sale for only $12.99. Sizes are available from extra-small to extra-large, with only a few left in stock. Costumes for Dog - Batman

#2 Spider-Dog, Spider-Dog, Does whatever a Spider-Dog Does.

  It is already endlessly entertaining watching a dog dress up as another animal or species, as you may have seen on YouTube or in random videos on YouTube, so you can only imagine how hilarious and adorable it is to see your pet companion decked out in their spidey suits! Check out the following collection of Spider-Man Pet Costumes available for your special pal. Have multiple dogs that require unique costumes? Not a problem! This particular super-pet comes offers several variations of the same superhero, for a unique take Costumes for Dog -  Spiderman     

#3 Teenage Mutant Ninja...Doggo

  Time to take a trip down nostalgia-lane! If seeing a dog-spider wasn’t amusing enough, checking out this insanely precious $27.97 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costume is a must. Get used of calling your new pet “Turtle” by the name ‘Michelangelo’ if you opt for this priceless orange Ninja Turtle costume. The bonus of selecting this superhero costume for Halloween, like some of the other superhero costumes, is that you can get them in a few colors and dress up multiple dogs together. Whether your own pack of hounds, or choosing to team up with the neighbor’s dogs, get ready to fight off crime as a team. Costumes for Dog -  Turtle

#4 Is it Any Wonder? Woman Pet Costume. Hear Her Bark!

  Although not the only female superhero costume out there, we simply cannot ignore the recent box office empowering young girl dogs everywhere, get your beautiful and strong female role model costume for your pup today! This doggy Wonder Woman Pet Costume is now available on eBay, starting at $15.19. Costumes for Dog -  Wonderwoman

#5 All-American Dog Captain

  If you are feeling particular patriotic this year and don’t feel like waiting for July to come around again before displaying you and your pup’s American pride, then Captain America is the way to go! What could be better than fighting crime with your best bud while representing your epic country in a trendy Captain America Pet Costume? Do Marvel a favor, and let your pup strut around in their Halloween swag. They should be so lucky. Costumes for Dog -  Captain America

#6 Ghost-Barker

  Is your puppy tired of chasing after flies or birds in the backyard? It’s time for a new challenge! Get this elaborate new gear to help your pet out in their new adventure and take them for a walk this Halloween to hunt for ghosts! For any fans of this classic cult favorite, order your Ghostbusters Dog Costume from a Target near you, for just $19.99. Costumes for Dog -  Superhero