PetPace’s health monitoring collar for pets helps veterinarians and pet owner manage heart arrhythmia

FORT MYERS, Fla. – Local business owner Mike Griffith rests easier now 20160821_190403knowing his 12-year-old labrador named Bouncer is safe thanks to an innovative health monitoring smart collar for dogs and cats, used especially for pets that are aging, sick or at risk for developing disease. Griffith received Bouncer as a gift while he was still a puppy and the two have spent over a decade together enjoying the waters of South Florida. Bouncer often joined Griffith for fishing excursions, during which the retriever would excitedly pull-in cast-nets. In 2015, Bouncer began to exhibit unusual symptoms and was diagnosed with a rare melanoma tumor near his heart. From there, Bouncer was taken to the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine Small Animal Hospital, where he underwent surgery to remove the tumor. Several months later the tumor reoccurred and Bouncer underwent radiation therapy and melanoma vaccine inoculation. In December 2015, Bouncer suddenly developed an arrhythmia of his heart. Because arrhythmia’s occur sporadically and are hard to identify without extended hospitalization, his veterinarian suggested utilizing a PetPace smart collar, which monitors vital signs like temperature, pulse, respiration and heart rate variability. “Bouncer was often experiencing heart arrhythmias at night, which made it difficult to monitor how frequent they were occurring and the severity,” said Dr. Pegah Gillette, founder of Angel Animal Hospital.  “Using the PetPace smart collar helped us see his heart rates throughout the day and night and adjust his medication accordingly.” PetPace health monitoring smart collars utilize a series of non-invasive sensors, which monitor dog and cat vital signs, body position and caloric expenditure. PetPace’s smart collar uses a smart alert system to notify pet owners and veterinarians when a health problem is detected. Griffith credits the dog health monitoring solution with helping him better manage Bouncer’s health and allowing him to avoid unnecessary trips to an emergency room while adjusting his medication. “PetPace has allowed us to monitor him at home in a stress free environment,” said Griffith. “Not only was this a great cost savings, but for me, having him home has been a Godsend.” About PetPace: PetPace was founded in 2012 to bring peace of mind to pet owners and prevent unnecessary pain and suffering for dogs and cats through improved pet health and quality of life. PetPace specializes in the remote monitoring of pet vital signs by utilizing advanced analytical methods and alerting models. The company’s low power, wireless collar is fitted with an array of sensors that report abnormal vital signs within established physiological and behavioral parameters. Once an abnormal sign or behavior is detected, a sophisticated cloud-based analytical engine evaluates the signs and, if needed, sends an immediate alert regarding any suspected condition. This allows the owner or the vet to take preemptive action to protect the pet’s health. For more information about PetPace real-time pet health monitoring, visit For media-related interview requests and inquiries, please contact our Tampa PR firm at 813.279.8335 or [email protected].