Each year, 12 million pets in the U.S. are diagnosed with some form of cancer, and PetPace wants pet owners to know how to better protect their pet during this National Pet Cancer Awareness Month
Dog going into an MRI machineBURLINGTON, Mass. – November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month and experts from PetPace, an innovative health monitoring smart collar for dogs and cats, especially those that are sick, aging or obese, want pet owners to know how to better protect their pet. According to the Animal Cancer Foundation, roughly 12 million dogs and cats will be diagnosed with some form of cancer each year. Approximately 25 percent of dogs and 20 percent of cats will develop cancer in their lifetime. Similar to human cancers, pet cancer can be hard to detect early, however diagnosing cancer quickly is essential to successfully treating the disease. “Nearly half of all cancers are curable if diagnosed in the early stages,” said Dr. Asaf Dagan, chief veterinarian of PetPace. “When using a PetPace device pet owners can identify symptoms of a disease much quicker from their smartphone device. Pet owners can even share health data with their family veterinarian, which provides an extra layer of protection for a cat or dogs health.” The company has been recognized by pet owners and veterinary professionals for its unique contribution to saving pet lives, streamlining pet healthcare at home and in the clinic, and improving the overall quality of life for dogs and cats. In a recent survey, four out of five veterinarians recommend a health monitoring collar like PetPace for older or sick pets. For pets already suffering from a form of cancer or undergoing treatment for the disease, PetPace can be used to closely monitor a pet’s level of pain and stress. Veterinarians can even utilize PetPace devices to remotely monitor their patient’s side effects and recovery while they are home with their owners. This can greatly reduce the amount of stress placed on a pet undergoing treatment by allowing them to recover at home, while still be under close medical supervision. PetPace continuously monitors a range of physiological and behavioral attributes including temperature, pulse, respiration, activity, positions, heart rate variability (HRV), calories and more. The system also includes a cloud-based engine for close observation, analysis, timely detection, and alerting of medical and behavioral problems in dogs and cats. For more information on PetPace, their products and how to improve the health of your pet visit https://www.petpace.com. About PetPace: PetPace was founded in 2012 to bring peace of mind to pet owners and prevent unnecessary pain and suffering for dogs and cats through improved pet health and quality of life. PetPace specializes in the remote monitoring of pet vital signs by utilizing advanced analytical methods and alerting models. The company’s low power, wireless collar is fitted with an array of sensors that report abnormal vital signs within established physiological and behavioral parameters. Once an abnormal sign or behavior is detected, a sophisticated cloud-based analytical engine evaluates the signs and, if needed, sends an immediate alert regarding any suspected condition. This allows the owner or the vet to take preemptive action to protect the pet’s health. For more information about PetPace real-time pet health monitoring, visit https://petpace.com/. For media inquiries please contact our Tampa PR firm at 813.279.8335 or [email protected]