Cats are living longer now.  But worrying news is that those who are looking to adopt a cat usually want those wide-eyed fur balls. Kittens are adorable sure, ok VERY adorable but there are number of benefits of adopting a senior cat. Like old people, old cats just want to be warm all the time and they are cuddlers. You may find that something quite tender and loving about a senior cat. Senior cats like when people visit them and come to their home. They are more than happy with some good snacks and curled up in your lap. One may say so that like aging old humans, they are content with the simple things in life which they enjoy.   Following are some strong solid reasons why you should adopt a senior cat:
  • Fully Developed:
Especially in senior cats, you get what you see. Kittens are cute but one can never predict the future right?  A cute little kitten could grow up to be a grouchy cat. You would rather like to go with the sure thing, a senior cat. A kitten’s personality is still developing when you adopt it so you can never be sure how it will turn out to be but with a senior cat, the personality is fully developed and you may see right away how it is going to be.  Quick Tip: Keep in mind that sometimes your cat’s personality might not shine that strongly in a new environment due to fear and stress of being in a new place.
  • House-Trained:
In most of the cases when you adopt a senior cat, they are housetrained already. They are aware of using a litter box and might be even trained to use a scratching post rather than your vintage chair or couch to sharpen their claws.
  • Mature:
Naturally senior cats are fully mature. When you adopt a senior cat, you avoid all the kitten craziness. Kittens are curious, very active and simply into Everything. Including the things, they should not be into! Sure, it is fun to watch a kitten play but for kittens, their playing and racing could happen at 3am even. Kittens can be hard on your home décor and for them, the whole world can be a toy. They can destruct quite a number of things. Senior cats are demure and usually calm and can still enjoy a good play time both with people and their cat friends.
  • Simple Needs:
Like senior humans, senior cats enjoy a good resting nap. With senior cats, things are simpler and they do not ask for more than curling up in your lap or resting nearby while you sleep, read or watch TV. Nothing is more comforting than a purring cat resting nearby is it?
  • Spayed/Neutered:
Senior cats have already been spayed or neutered in most of the cases when they are adopted. And they will not have to complete a series of vaccinations like a kitten. But that does not mean that your senior cat should not have vet visits. Depending on your senior cat’s health and age an examination every 6 months to a year is advised.
  • Are not much Chewsy:
Kittens are like human toddlers/children. They have to taste everything from shoes, book corners, carpet tassels, ear lobes, plants, drapery strings, electrical wires and cords. Whether they are exploring or going through the teething process, kittens can create quite a disaster. Senior cats are not as chewsy.  Senior cats tend to chew less typically as they save their energy for other important activities like scaring your or neighbor’s pet pup.
  • Cat Years:
According to the guidelines issued by American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP), 11-14 cat years are considered senior and 15 years and onward is geriatric. Numerous cats live into their late teens and even into their twenties so that means they still have number of cat years left so you should not pass the chance of adopting a senior cat afraid that they will not stay for long.
  • Less Trouble:
Senior cats are careful and cause less trouble whereas kittens blindly stumble in. You may be aware of the terms curiosity killed the cat, cat have nine lives. And a kitten’s curiosity might lead it to losing about eight of its life in the first year solely.  Kittens are getting into trouble all the time and therefore more prone to get into trouble and suffer injuries.  They fall from high perches, eat things they should not all in all, they worry you quite a LOT.  
  • Grooming & Cleaning:
Very few kittens actually master the art of self-grooming or licking. Adult cats spend most of their time in cleaning and grooming themselves. Kittens tend to display little litter box manners and are too busy trying new things to clean themselves properly.
  • Litter Training:
Where kittens play, sunbathe and build mounds and castes and sometimes even sleep in litter boxes, adult cats do not litter much and people who adopt senior cats can happily miss this stage as.  Senior cats are aware of the purpose of litter box and cooperate with you in keeping it tidy. But the most important reason to adopt a senior cat is that this may be their only chance. Majority of senior cats that you see in shelters are not there because of some fault in them. They are not in the shelter because of being worn out or defective. Some were separated from their loved one. Some might have simply outlived their owners or they could not accompany them to their new apartment, hospital or nursing home or got lost. Senior cats are confined, confused or sometimes frightened of the other cats surrounding them. Some are devastated emotionally by their poor luck.  It is quite sad when people are attracted towards a bouncy, big-eyed furry kitten when senior cats sit by and watch getting passed over one family over other. Will you get a senior cat now?