Most pet owners do not know that their dogs can have seizures but you need to know that your dog may have seizures just like humans. There can be a lot of reasons due to which they can experience seizures. What will you do if your four legged friends feel tired, unsteady and confused? They must be suffering from a seizure disorder. You need to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

What is epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a serious medical condition that is associated with rapid seizures, commonly known as fits or funny turns. It is considered as the long term neurological disorder when it comes to seizures in dogs. This disease is becoming quite common in the dogs from the past few years. However, the time duration a dog may suffer this disease may vary. For some, it remains for life time and for some it is a temporary condition but it is assumed that it generally happens for ever. Your dog may experience a seizure when there is an abnormal electric activity that is being done in the brain of your dog that causes a rapid short lived movement. Moreover, there is a chance that some bread may get more affected by this disorder. It can also run in some families due to which your dog may get it.

Causes of dog seizures:

The causes of seizures may differ for every dog. There are some causes that can be prevented and then there are some that cannot be prevented, for example, the generic illness. However, the common causes are divided into the following categories:

Genetic causes:

This disease happens in the dogs because it runs in their family. Due to the genetic presence, your dog may get seizures. Moreover, there are some breeds who are much likely to get affected by it as compared to the dogs of other breeds. The breeds that are more likely to suffer from seizures include Shetland sheepdog, beagle, Belgian Tervuren, golden retriever, Labrador retriever or keeshond.

Environmental causes:

Environmental causes are considered as one of the most common causes of seizures. They may get it by swallowing something poisonous. This type of cause of controllable i.e. you can save your dog from consuming any harmful food or substance. The injuries that can also contribute to the occurrence of seizures. Any type of head injury can be a major cause that should be avoided.

Health related causes:

The health issues your dog is facing may have a great impact on their overall health. You need to monitor their health on regular basis and make sure they are having a proper quantity of food. Moreover, you need to consult a doctor on a regular basis so that if there are any initial signs of any disease, they must be identified.

Symptoms of seizures in dogs:

Whenever your dog is experiencing a seizure, they will show some signs. You need to have a proper information about these signs so that you can identify any serious condition. Moreover, this information will help in keeping yourself calm and doing the right thing at the right time.

Symptoms of seizures:

Whenever your dog is about to experience a seizure, there are some signs that can be noted in their behaviour. The identification of these initial signs will help you in every possible way to arrange for help before time. However, your dog may stare into space before getting a seizure. They may feel dizzy or distant. The unsteadiness will be clearly shown in their behaviour. They may hide or they may also attach themselves to you. There is a possibility that your dog presents different symptoms before getting a seizure so you must note if there are any changes in the behaviour.

Symptoms at the time of seizures:

Before getting into the details, you must know that you should not let your dog or yourself hurt. If your dog is showing the initial signs of a seizure and is present near something hazardous, remove them from that place. For example, if they are standing near stairs and there is a chance that they will get injured at that time, gently remove them from that place. The symptoms at the time of seizure mainly include jerking, collapsing, loss of consciousness, chomping, twitching, tongue chewing and foaming form the mouth. You have to remain calm during this condition otherwise, there is a chance that your dog may get upset. They may urinate or salivate during this process. There can be the discharge of water as well, don’t worry it is just a natural reaction. Do not try to go near the mouth or the head of your dog. Avoid putting fingers in the mouth of your dog when they are experiencing seizures.

Symptoms after the seizure:

By passing the time with calmness, your dog may get over it after some time. After that, immediately call for some medical help or take them to the specialist yourself. In this way, you will be able to know that your dog is out of danger now. Observe their behaviour closely to know that they are recovering. They may feel dizziness for some time or they may feel tired as well. Touch them gently so that they know you are with them and everything is under control. Try to talk to them as much as possible. Record the time duration in which the seizure happens and look for specific signs. At the time of seizures, the only thing your dog needs from you in the emotional support. Make sure you are mentally prepared for it so that you can take proper care of them. Moreover, consult a doctor and take some guidelines about what you have to do in that situation. With the proper knowledge and care, there is a chance of a reduction in the happening of seizures.