have you been thinking about adopting a pet? Well, lots of people who decide to adopt, usually choose to adopt pets that are young, with their entire lives in front of them. People tend to think that adopting an older dog will not have the same relationship and bond like with a puppy who grew up with them his entire life, and it will only increase their responsibilities in the need of trying to adjust a mature dog to a new environment. However, these assumptions are not necessarily true. Older dogs can be your partner as the younger ones. They will become your companion and provide you with all the support and love you can wish for. There can be lots of reasons due to which you should go for an older dog. Here are just a few: Instant companionship: The most important reason for adopting an older dog is that they can provide you with instant companionship. As they are already in search for a family, they are desperate to be loved and are waiting to give love back. At this stage, they need a person with whom they can connect with. Moreover, the older dogs already have the experience of living and dealing with humans. They will understand the ways in which you are communicating with them. Become a hero: Older dogs need support and companionship. This is something they are desperate for at that age. When you appear, take them to your home and take care of them they will be grateful for the rest of their lives. You will become their hero by rescuing them at the hour of need. As a result, they will develop a strong and deep relationship with you. The feeling that you are the only one who cares about them in the whole wide world will make them bond with you. Hence, you both will live a life full of companionship and satisfaction. Moreover, adopting them will save their life, knowing you saved a soul’s life must feel good. They are already trained: Older dogs may have lived with some human before. As a result, they know the commands that they are being told. If you adopt an older dog, you don’t have to put an extra effort to make them learn certain words. You will just have to learn how to communicate rather than to teach them a whole new language. Moreover, they are usually potty trained so you won’t find yourself cleaning up their mess as you were with a puppy. Older dogs are calm: Another good reason to adopt an older dog is that they are less energetic and hyper than the younger ones. Some people prefer having a quiet and calm dog. A zippy dog requires its owner to deal with that burst of energy by spending his own. People who wants a quiet time with their dog can have it with a good old dog, as they have passed their puppy stage and they will stay calm and relax. Additionally, they are less likely to destroy your home while they are left home alone. Demands less: People should adopt pets only when they think they are ready to give love and care. They are living beings, they need our time and attention. However, when it comes to senior dogs, the demands that need to be fulfilled are quite less as compared to the demands of the younger dogs. You will have to put much less effort in order to take good care of them. Of course, they need to be going out with on a walk, but after that you can both enjoy a small nap as they regenerate energy that is much needed for them. Moreover, older dogs have the capacity to understand your limits and have ways of taking care for themselves. They are less likely to change the amount of care they need. Older dogs CAN learn new things: If you are one of those who goes by the cliché that older dogs can’t learn new tricks, you need to revise your assumption. Older dogs are much more eager than the younger pets to learn new tricks from their owner. Dogs have the ability to be trained in any way you want. Their age will not come in the way of this new learning. As you are providing shelter and support to the elderly dog, they will in return learn anything you want them to. The great companionship and the bond that is developed between you two will be the thing that will facilitate this learning. They are not problematic dogs: It is commonly assumed that older dogs are a kind of problematic in different ways, and they are difficult to handle. This assumption needs to be corrected. Older dogs are not at all problematic in any ways. In fact, they are the ones that are much easier to nurse and take care of. All they need is support and a little attention. If it is provided in an adequate amount, they will become the best partners ever. Easy transition: Moving to a new place or having a new partner/family member in your life can be a very difficult transition period for a dog and for a human as well. Dogs, and especially elder dogs will go through this transition with much ease compared to the young ones. The elders are much more willing to be involved with a new partner than puppies. As a result, you both will be able to strengthen your unique bond, and you can get through this, sometimes difficult transition, with your four-legged friend and never feel alone.      These are the major reasons due to which you should include older dogs in your life. They will be a great support for you as they already know how to communicate with humans. So, the transitional phase will take less time. Make sure you already know the important things before considering to adopt an older dog. You will see how quickly they will get involved in your life and be your best friend