PetPace’s health monitoring collar for pets can help identify the signs and symptoms of heartworms and help manage the condition 
Veterinarians draw blood to test for heartworms

Veterinarians draw blood to test for heartworms

TAMPA, Fla. – Veterinarians from PetPace, the producer of an advanced smart health monitoring collar for dogs and cats, are urging pet owners to use PetPace to monitor their pets, and speak with their veterinarians about proper heartworm prevention amid increasing evidence that the parasites are developing a stronger resistance to preventative medications.

According to numerous reports over the past several years, heartworms have been developing a resistance to preventative medications. Additionally, the American Heartworm Society suggests that improper use or seasonal use, as opposed to year-round use, of heartworm preventatives can create ample opportunities for pets to unintentionally become affected.

“First and foremost, we always recommend regular visits with your veterinarian, following their suggested heartworm prevention plans, and having yearly heartworm tests performed,” said Dr. Asaf Dagan, chief veterinarian of PetPace. “Additionally, we recommend using PetPace to track and monitor your pet’s health, so if there is an abnormality in their activity, pulse rate, HRV, temperature or respiration, the pet owner and their veterinarian can be notified immediately.”

Symptoms of heartworm disease in dogs and cats include rapid or difficulty breathing, inactivity or lethargy, weight loss, irregular heart rate and collapse.

“Fortunately with PetPace, pet owners and veterinarians may be alerted to these symptoms early on, improving treatment options and prognosis” Dagan said. “Most importantly, even though we’re now in November and temperatures are cooling down, pet owners should still strictly follow their veterinarian’s heartworm prevention plan.”

In addition to recognizing the symptoms related to heartworms, PetPace has also been effective in helping veterinarians to monitor patients that are being treated for heartworms. Veterinarians can use PetPace to monitor their patient’s activity patterns and enforce, through engagement of the pet owners via the mobile app, the strict activity restriction that is required during the process. PetPace can also monitor for possible serious side effects that occasionally develop following the treatment.

The PetPace collar is a smart, non-invasive, sensor-rich wearable technology, which is especially useful for older pets, sick pets and pets that are at-risk for health issues. PetPace continuously monitors a range of physiological and behavioral attributes including temperature, pulse, respiration, activity positions, heart rate variability (HRV), calories and more.

The system also includes a cloud-based engine for close observation, analysis, timely detection, and alerting of medical and behavioral problems in dogs and cats.